Five generations in the name of taste

A time-honoured tradition and passion for good food

The story began in the hills around Asolo, in a small mill near Treviso when, five generations ago, the Gallina family opened its workshop.

From theancient tradition and our passion for taste and craftsmanship, in 1985, brothers Fabio and Paolo Gallina decided to turn their revolutionary idea into practice: bringingthose who live far away the freshness and fragrance of products baked every day in the family bakery.

In March 2014, the group 21 Investimenti, founded by Alessandro Benetton, acquired Forno d'Asolo with the purpose of valuing its industrial heritage and brand as an excellent example of “made in Italy”, bakery products, immediately betting of strong growth and development in Italy and abroad.

Asolo and the court of Caterina Cornaro: a solid tradition

Since ancient times, scholars and travellers have been charmed by this little medieval village: Asolo, a town with a thousand horizons.

In 1489, the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia donated it to the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro , who would hold rich banquets here, a popular feat given the prestige of artists and guests as well as the food served.

Today, just like then, this tasty tradition still resonates in every product made by Forno d’Asolo.

Indeed, we have a lot in common with these places. Especially when it comes to the spirit and values the company is based on, which are transferred to all products made by Forno d’Asolo: focus on genuineness by using top quality ingredients.